Bruh That's Deep

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As some populations of Sprear Bruh entered the darkness that was The Fucking Trench, they began to take advantage of a relative lack of competition and the potential food provided by marine snow coming from surface waters. To live in the depths, however, these Sprear Bruhs had to make a variety of changes to live in such depths and gave rise to a new taxon known as the Bruh That's Deep. Cilia run along their nose, which helps capture marine snow and bring it towards their mouth, which has become bigger to fit more food. Living in permanent darkness meant the Bruh That's Deep did not need vision and so their eyespots are tiny and vestigial. Instead of relying on vision, the nose has developed chemoreceptive abilities to help the bruh find potential food that may be nearby. The cilia around the edges of their cell still help with making good turns and moving slowly, since the bruhs do not exert much energy. The taxon still incorporates spite in their tissues to deter some of the predators that dwell in the depths, such as the Speckguins or members of the genus group known as Insects which must logically exist to maintain a biosphere sp.. With possibly long lengths of time before the Bruh That's Deep may find something to eat, the taxon breeds much less frequently than their ancestor or relatives.