Bruh Beans

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As the Bruh bean fed upon the spite found in other organisms, the evolution of the widespread Water Spite Flora had in turn led to an explosion of Bruh bean populations, which lead to them rapidly diversifying into new species until they give rise to the genus group known as the Bruh Beans. Primarily being parasites of Water Spite Flora, the Bruh Beans have a specific strategy for feeding on them. This starts with them stabbing into the organism with their spear-like nose having a bent shape so it can anchor the cell in place. While the nose itself will absorb the spite from its host through the cellular membrane, the Bruh Beans will also use their tooth-filled mouths to bite off a chunk of tissue for extra energy after using them to anchor into the flesh of its host for a while. Their larger, more advanced eyes, of their ancestor allows the Bruh Bean to effectively pick out their hosts in their environment and additionally help them navigate in low-light conditions. The cilia covering almost all of the cell aside from the nose allows the Bruh beans to make relatively quick and sharp turns with little energy or provide rapid bursts of speed although they do not help with swimming quickly over long distances. While the Bruh Beans are primarily parasites, larger species will consume other bruhs around their size for the spite stored in their bodies. With the success of this genus group, the original Bruh bean has become rare in its habitat, surviving because it remains a generalistic parasite while Bruh Beans primarily parasitize Water Spite Flora.