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Due to the sudden explosion in diversity Dingus Island had, a group of Starving Devilbruh decided to come out of the sand and stand more upright, and become generally more active, specialized predators. The Brorroth nolonger use their nose to kill prey, instead it is more like a crest and is used for digging so they may unearth food such as Snufflers. Normally, they are coated in a sticky substance, though produce another substance to remove this layer when digging to prevent things from getting stuck to it, before it remakes the sticky layer. This sticky substance is used to help keep mud and other things on their body for camouflage and protection from the sun, as it gets pretty warm in the desert, and they sometimes bury most of their body in the ground to rest and cool off. They use only their mouth while hunting, grabbing whatever they can in it before eating it, possibly thrashing it around like a crocodile at times if it's on the larger side, and can still jump surprisingly well. Due to the existence of the Yes-Sapien, their armor has many minerals incorporated into it to prevent them from totally breaking it down, and they are also resistant to radiation. When threatened, they will charge at aggressors at high speeds, using their crest as their primary weapon, as they can no longer fire blasts of spite, and they can also use the rest of their body, as well as whatever is stuck to it, as a weapon as well.