Branching Piss Tree

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Some Multi-Lobed Piss Trees would become even larger than their ancestors to be taller than the competition, though they then needed more sunlight to sustain themselves. Instead of having a few larger lobes, they began to develop many more lobes that split off from one another, forming what can truly be called branches. Due to this adaptation, this newly divergent taxon would become known as the Branching Piss Tree. The ground leaves of their ancestors and relatives have been completely lost since they served no real purpose anymore. Aside from these two main changes, the Branching Piss Tree is pretty similar to its ancestor in physiology, such as their thick pisswood that helps to deter green pissbugs and certain Borebore species and even the strong immune system to fend off parasites. They also still breed by releasing clouds of spores from their branches at the top of their trunk, which results in a yellow mist that can cover the whole canopy in certain areas.