Despite their aggressive sounding name the borghead is not too different from the bonehead apart from being basically fused with upgrAids, they tend to be less horrible to themselves than their ancestors and have indeed replaced them on SIP piss children, they are still not very special though and could be basically summarized with bonehead’s description. Instead lets go in depth on how they get the aids to do that.

Because nanosophonts are microbes, they are able to influence microscopic items, such as the components of upgrAids, so by literally slapping them into position and then secreting small struts the nanosophonts influence their growth into a sturdy base, which they eventually build their city ontop of. The nanosophonts supply the upgrAids with most of the energy they gather which encourages it to keep this position, interestingly this also grants them control of how brightly the green bits glow, which is mostly useless but who knows what it could be used for. I sure ‘’’don’t’’’.