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As Snufflers diversified they were inevitably going to split up, the Borebores have simply done so a little early, they are a varied genus consisting of either detritivorous species or boring species, fairly simple to be honest, though they slightly compete with the pissbug, they manage to outwit it in terms of plants like Weed and the Pine-barked dendropissus due to their flexibility in terms of adaptations compared to one singular species. Borebore eggs and development are weirdly fish-like, containing an extensive yolk sac, and culminating with an underdeveloped, yolk-bound larval stage upon hatching. Borebore diversity is directly correlated to that of pissflora, and thus in areas with only one or two species of pissflora (such as Horrible Rectangle Island) there may only be a handful of borebore species at a given time.