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21 June 2024

5 September 2023

  • curprev 19:4319:43, 5 September 2023OviraptorFan talk contribs 1,446 bytes +1,446 Created page with "{{Species |Title = Borebores |Sciname = ''Lignumphile spp.'' |Type = Fauna |Status = Extant |Creator = Oofle |Artist = Oofle |ID = 385 |Habitat = Herbivore (Pissflora, there’s too many types to list so I’m not listing them, just all of it), Detritivore (rotting pissflora, primarily) |Size = 2 mm to 9 cm |Diet = detritus, other small fauna, ectoparasitic (depends on the species) |Reproduction = sexual (roe-like eggs, may be hatched internally or laid inside the host/i..."