Boomerang Scrimpe

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With the evolution of the Oh No Bruhs, some Emerald Scrimpes would become larger and larger to deter the Bruhs from feeding upon them. To sustain this larger size, they would develop adaptations to better feed on detritus which would eventually lead to them becoming the Boomerang Scrimpe. In many ways, the Boomerang Scrimpe is not too different from their ancestors, with a simple eye that helps then navigate their environment while they undulate their body and four tails from side to side as they use the two fins to help steer. Their coloration has become much more brown with prominent counter-shading to help them avoid being detected by local predators.

While they do get some energy from photosynthesis, they primarily feed upon organic matter found within the sediment to sustain their larger size. Since they lack a mouth, the Boomerang Scrimpe instead uses its two facial protrusions which have become extremely wide to increase the surface area through which organic matter is absorbed after they release enzymes to break it down. The way they are shapes further assist it with steering, and vaguely resemble the head of a Terran Diplocaulus. When it comes to breeding, the Boomerang Scrimpe still uses sexual reproduction, with two individuals having their rear ends connect so they can have one of their fours "tails" wrap around the "tail" of the other individual. Once this occurs, the two tails will fuse together and then detach, exchanging genetic information before splitting in two and developing into baby Boomerang Scrimpes. This occurs will all four tails on each individuals, with the two Boomerang Scrimpes eventually growing back the four tails.