So, the bone-like structure that stands as tall as a man before you, what is it? Would you believe that it’s a city that has had to exist for decades?

Ironically, something very small has lead to something very big, and it’s all possible because of another very big thing, this is a city of nanosophonts. The bonehead grows with alternating layers of calcium and silica (calcium phase shown) because sometimes the nanosophonts inside decide they want to do something different from tradition, take a few generations and they want the old thing, so on so forth. They primarily take radiation in from the outside of space but also catch starlight and small pieces of debris when possible.

Now, onto how SIFs are why these huge colonies of nanosophonts can exist: in a normal environment, nanosophont biofilms are eaten away at horribly well by an army of creatures, mostly SIDs and similar things, but in captivity they do not have to deal with such pests and thus can build up. Boneheads crank this up and actually set down layers faster than most nanosophonts as it isn’t going to be immediately eaten away at, even then building up millimeter-thick layers by the year is slow, and getting to even half a meter tall takes decades, so they trick someone else: the SIFs. Due to their habits of just farming whatever they can, SIFs were susceptible to this, as the biofilms could simply grow taking in ambient radiation with little to no maintenance, most may encourage the growth of their crops with supplements of calcium and crushed glass but otherwise the crop remains steadfastly a no-maintenance pet. However, they can’t actually harvest much from the boneheads, and they don’t seem to do much other than exist as decoration, thus the bonehead dupes the farmers into giving it full VIC (very important crop) access without anything in return, nobody actually knows why this happens and the bonehead’s nanosophont populations certainly didn’t do it themselves, and yet tradition holds true, and the bonehead is still widely farmed and cultivated.

However, recently, a rogue group of SIFs has decided farming is for losers and begun raiding, this has certainly influenced the bonehead’s recent evolution somewhat, especially considering it’s a convenient sharp object…for looking intimidating. And thus it is often taken in for decorative purposes by members of these groups