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With the success of Blobmoss, some began expanding their photosynthetic area, one group in the areas of thicker ice increasing in size, resulting in the Blobmound. They are very good at absorbing vast amounts of light to fuel their bodies, and their shape helps avoid being penetrated by Dark Cold Doom. If part of their body comes in contact with something, they start by extending out feelers, before deciding if it's food, a friend, or an enemy. If food, it envelops and consumes it, if friend, it does nothing, and if enemy, it begins emitting heat and faint radiation in spots that touch it to ward them off. Oddly enough, their non-photosynthetic area contains some calcium and phosphorous, which it is unknown how it got these elements, though it also makes them tougher than their relatives by a small degree. Their gametes are very light and easily caught in the wind, resulting in such a wide range, however they do not seem to do well if they settle too close to the equator, with the few that do grow there being smaller than individuals living on thicker ice.