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Due to the calm nature of the Central Notasbad Ice Sheet, some Sneaky Doom became less active, relying more on their photosynthetic capabilities, resulting in the Blobmoss. They are usually seen slowly moving around in their defense state, rarely moving out of it, only for quick bursts of speed. In this state, their limbs are reduced, and their sail is far more massive than their ancestor's. They have become a sort of planimal, usually being more plant-like, though being able to turn into a more faunal form to do a sort of 'sprint' as stated before. They have given up on eating living organisms, instead favoring unmoving, dead matter, in combination with light. With their simplicity and photosynthesis, they have managed to spread across the Ice Planet, and are now fairly common prey amongst more active species such as Dark Cold Dooms, as they have lost much of their radiation-producing abilities.