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The Ghastlet was not the only Ripplet derivative to make it into the depths. Pushed further and further into the gloom of The Fucking Trench, this Ripplet population did not specialize for a predatory lifestyle, rather settling into a less bloodied niche - a generalist feeder of smaller fare. Acclimating to the great pressures of their current home, this population became ever more genetically distinct from their ancestral stock, eventually developing into a unique species. The Blinklet are appropriately placid in its habits, as there's little environmental incentive for it to exert much energy. For much of its time, it either hovers above the oceanic slope or well within the expansive open water with its oral array set wide to collect marine snow and the few plankton which thrive here. On occasion, this soopy may nab at more substantial fare like Spoopyworms or certain Dual-Eyed Wiggler species; while neither are notably frequent items of its diet, these nonetheless provide it with a satisfying meal, holding it over for up to a week. Whichever case, a productive stomach housing laxative poopycells and an extensive, rugose intestine ensure to make the most out of potential meals.

Lending the namesake of this soopyfauna, cultures of Obligatory Bioluminescent Microbe habitate in specialized patches in the Blinklet’s dermal layers. Their population densities are controlled via regulatory antibodies, inducing them to apoptote en masse should their numbers grow too great, and stimulated with nutrients to help bolster lower numbers. These cultures periodically blink, allowing for a means of communication between other Blinklets; these messages are simple in structure, often informing the location of dense sources of food or receptiveness to mate. To actually perceive these messages, the centeal eyes are disproportionately huge to process as much light emitted as possible; the smaller eyes help to filter how much light is being processed.

As a consequence of its lessened activity, the Blinklet has become a more awkward swimmer; it can perform a brief burst of speed via a rapid swaying of its fin bands should it need to, however. Like other ripplet-clade soopies, the Blinklet possesses many anatomical innovations shared with its cousins. It is supported with an endoskeleton of cartilage, with muscular attachments to facilitate locomotion. An assholey heart pumps hemooranganin blood throughout its form, transporting gases and nutrients alike - although this heart often pumps less frequently than with its close cousins. To make the most of the little oxygen available, its gills are feathery, elongate, and dense with blood vessels. It sports a solid red-pink coloration reminiscent of raw meat as to appear imperceptible to predators such as its cousin, the Ghastlet.

When food access is at its greatest, so would Blinklet populations be at their densest, and thus a prime opportunity for specifics to mate. A set sequence of flickering OBM patches signal receptiveness to breed. As population densities are so disparate in The Fucking Trench, actively seeking out mates in this matter ends up being more successful than the mere long-range spawning of its ancestry. Upon close enough proximity, the two individuals expel their respective gametocytes, conjugating to form fertile eggs. Beyond this exchange, the two Blinklets part ways, never to be seen again. The eggs however hatch into planktonic larvae some time after; as r-strategists, many larvae are yielded per breeding, but only a select few survive to adulthood.