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Bladerake evolved when Radrake realized that looking like a 90’s toy alien was so last year. They now look like a modern sci-fi alien. Complete with dark colouration and weirdly shaped long thin eyes. They turned their front limbs into sword-like raptorial arms using one extremely hypertrophied claw. Their back limbs modified the claws into hoofs with the exception of one claw that is used like a velociraptor claw. Their laser lens is now on a bendy appendage so they can aim it anywhere. Their butt is now elongated to serve as a tail. The stalk of the 3rd eye is thickened to avoid damage and the eye is enlarged to avoid the need to have the stalk be bendy. After realizing that their body shape makes it so that they would have a hard time bending over, they decided to use their raptorial arms for anything that required bending over instead of actually solving the problem.