Big walker

From 2speccers2tools wiki

This variation of the Radon has lost its wing membranes and greatly extended its newfangled exoskeletal tail in order to walk on the ground. It is quite tall and uses its giant radiation cannon to snipe flying animals from the air. While all of its armor still has lead, the tan plates have less lead than the grey plates. Its internal cheek skin now extends down the length of its beak, effectively fusing it into a proboscis. This saves time since it no longer needs to open its mouth, as it already has enough trouble bending down to eat. It kills animals on the ground by impaling them with its spiky feet. This is extremely plausible and it has no trouble balancing on hard surfaces whatsoever.

Since practically the only thing between its "tail" and its radiation cannon is its anus, offspring now bud off of the vestigial hindlimbs. This is useful since it can now make 2 babies at once.