Bereikenarm Mamal

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Overtime, some populations of Sovanesti Mamal took advantage of the abundant vegetation and transitioned into being herbivores. This would give rise to the Bereikenarm Mamal, which is a specialist for browsing on high vegetation such as tall Nomflora and tall Piss flora. The forelimbs have become extremely long and are held erect, with the two claws held off the ground with specialized tendons so they remain long and sharp. Their extremely long arms meant they can reach high up and bring foliage within reach of their powerful jaws. An enlarged and particularly mobile upper lip allowed them to hold bits of food while their powerful beak snaps off branches and snips leaves off of foliage while their powerful plate-covered throat pouch helped grind this food into an easily-digestible pulp. To help process all of the vegetation they consumed, however, the Bereikenarm Mamal has evolved a large hindgut to extend the amount of time food stayed in their bodies and thus have more time to get digested. The Bereikenarm Mamal's large size resulted in the hind limbs becoming large and robust to help support its weight. To deal with threats such as large predatory Noserps or the Guillotine Mamal, the Bereikenarm Mamal's fur-derived scales has become more extensive with the structures covering their front end and spine. While their powerful beak and large claws can be used as effective offensive weapons, the Bereikenarm Mamal has also put its radiation organ back into a more offensive role. While the organ is still used to provide heat, it now fully capable of shooting blasts of radiation in the form of a laser, which can cause major damage to attackers such as a Noserp though a Guillotine Mamal's own armor meant its not so easily deterred by such an attack and thus the herbivore relies more on its physical weapons to fend it off.

Close-up of a Bereikenarm Mamal's head with the mouth closed.