This largeish mamal has outcompeted the Radfting mamal in its range due to better adaptations to the island of beans. They have piss colored chitin (or rarely lead) fur to blend in with the beans piss bulbs. they also solved their problem of not being able to walk well by evolving suction cups that prevent them from slipping. They are also rotund.

The bean mamal has two main feeding adaptations. Firstly its upper lip evolved into a trunk which it can use to grab plants and animals. The death lens organ has changed so that it no longer functions as a laser and is instead more like a microwave. The hole in the front is thin and vertical and no longer has a lens. The turret part is somewhat cube shaped and unable to move around, and the inside of it is more hollow with the cavity extending slightly further into the chest. When bean mamal finds prey, it will shove it into this organ and the hole will close. then the prey is bathed in radiation which is made worse by the fact that the inside is made of a highly reflective lead surface (with the highest lead concentration of all of its body parts). Special vocal chords near the organ then create a loud beeping sound so that bean mamal knows when the food is ready.