Beaked Piss Doom

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With the vast diversity of the Piss Planet Belt, and the evolution of Schattolaurens, There was no way Super Laser Imminent Dooms would not take advantage of this, so they did, resulting in the Beaked Piss Doom. Instead of blasting food into oblivion, they developed a beak they could be used to bite chunks off food, allowing them to get food without wasting as much recourses. They have shrunk in size, not due to a lack of food, but instead due to a surplus of food, allowing them to get energy and nutrients much easier, and they are allowed to put more into other things in general. Their structure has become more stable now that their range goes into the Piss Belt, which helps them in not being torn apart by food. Their roots are much more abundant, and are used for much more than movement, being prehensile and used to grab onto surfaces, food, and other objects that catch their interest. By far the weirdest thing about them is how they switched to being more vegetarian than generalist, eating mainly flora, as well as many other photosynthetic, often unmoving organisms. This means they will attempt feeding on Schattolaurens, though they can only really get one bite out of it, unless they try holding onto them. They also sometimes venture onto the backs of Migratory Pissbacks to graze on the flora covering their back, though run off when they see a Piss Off get blasted, let alone appear.