Beaked Clipigsh

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With the development of small reefs formed by Cobblecoral, many species have sought protection in these places, such as the Clipping Pigsh, which happened to adapt to these organisms in a rather odd way, developing a beak and resistance to spite. Beaked Clipigsh still feed on Poop Flora using their sharp teeth, though have also developed a part of into a beak - specifically the middle one, apart from the tip - which they can use to crush food to expose their flesh. As mentioned before, the Beaked Clipigsh has a resistance to spite separate from its Bruh Cell symbiotes, which it uses this to feed on Lithosemoebas and Semacorals. This also it also helps reinforce its beak via minerals absorbed from food and make it slightly toxic via storing spite in their flesh for if something tries eating them. They most commonly eat Cobblecoral and Cubic Semacoral when at reefs, as they are very common there, using their beak to crack them open, before eating away at the cells inside, taking big bites out of them. They will also eat other species such as Vantamats, Inland Lithosemoeba, and Table Frondcoral. Their extended torso is surprisingly bendy for Box fauna, allowing then to make speedy turns as they move throughout reefs and evade predators. Their large, powerful fins, and larger surface area of their hind legs, allow them to swim somewhat faster than their ancestor, as well as make turns.