Baloon turt

From 2speccers2tools wiki

As time went on, projectile weapons such as lasers and bullets were developed by various fauna on 2s2tworld, making the baloon animal easy prey for most of the existing carnivores on multiple different continents. The baloon turt has some adaptations that allows it to deal with these pressures better.

The baloon turt’s main feature is the dense woody armor that covers its ventral side. This armor can withstand multiple hits from the bullets of primitive clonguses and blunderguses, and also provides at least some resistance to weaker beams of radiation. While this feature does make it more massive than its ancestor despite its shorter length, the baloon turt is just as light as its ancestor due to having a bulkier helium pneumoskeleton.

The legs of baloon turts are skinnier than their ancestors to reduce weight, as they no longer land as much due to the presence of predators. The back legs have evolved into paddle-like wings to help them steer through the air and propel themselves forward.