Baitfly canartree

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As male canarflora in general were slowly more and more useless, it may be a surprise to learn that the most sudden reduction in male survivability occurred in a direct descendant of the basal Canartree, in the baitfly canartree the male’s beak is fused into a slipper-like shape, and because photosynthesis does not provide enough energy for their fast paced lifestyle, these males invariably starve in a matter of days, thus the overwhelming majority of offspring are male, windborne spores spewed out by the female canartree upon fertilization, the truth is about 3/4 of these are male to compensate for the ‘spending habits’ of the species. Another back-up to the sudden evolution of near-useless males is the ability for females to use sort of reverse parthenogenesis, if no males come for a while a female can produce male spores asexually to replenish the presumably entirely dead male population, this tends to happen in spring as winter is very hard on both genders. To prevent their males from being tricked by mockanary plants due to their very short time in the whole “not dead yet” party, the top eight leaves of the baitfly canartree female have developed into a sort of thick ‘flowerhead’, packed with orange carotenoids to distinguish it from the flowers of other canarflora species.