Autotomious Semaworm

Due to the evolution of the Centivormole, some Semaworms began adapting to this new predator, becoming darker in coloration, and most importantly, evolving the ability to tear their body in half if they are caught by something, resulting in the Autotomious Semaworm. They have evolved better acids, which break down rock quicker, though only use this in situations where it has to flee something. They are also twice the size of their ancestor, which helps tearing their body in half not still result in their entire body being eaten. They have lost the ability to produce spores due to it not being very effective in their environment, and has been replaced with immature colonies forming on their backside, before eventually coming off and living on their own, as a method of budding. Other than this, they are exactly like their ancestor, being worm-like decomposers that use acid to dig through rock, and also eat some of it as they go, and are sometimes fragmented as they move.