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The aslane is a species of small peelane which has entered symbiosis with a strain of feral Domestibrain. The domestibrain’s cells have incorporated themselves into the aslane’s system in a similar manner to the Assbrain pig. This domestibrain ‘nervous system’ is present throughout the body in the form of a neural net dotted with several small ganglia. This new symbiote helps the aslane to actively respond to stimuli and avoid threats, aided by simple photoreceptors across the body and two novel chemosensory knobs near the front. However, the presence of domestibrain in the aslane’s system has some interesting side effects.

As it had been bred for this exact purpose, it should be no surprise that the aslane’s domestibrain symbiotes produce an extremely large amount of spite. There is so much spite that it makes the aslane appear slightly orange. This spite is sealed tightly within the domestibrain’s cells, preventing it from infecting and killing the rest of the aslane’s body. While this does have the advantage of making virtually every part of the aslane lethal to ingest, it also means that the aslane is in a perpetual state of hatred, sometimes kamikaze-ing into other species just for fun. The wings and spore branch are now more articulated, with the former having multiple bendable areas and the latter being articulated at the base. The spore branch also has a pointy process that extends past the reproductive leaves. All of these features assist in landing.

The reproductive units of the aslane now consist of one peelane spore and one assbrain cell, with reproduction also being the only way the aslane can get rid of new domestibrain cells and thus also the only way it can dispose of surplus spite.

The aslane only lives in the atmospheres of piss planet corpses but can spread between them by hitchhiking on pee stringers, something they do only so they can find more innocent beings to harass. They prefer to land in barren fields of detritus with little presence of Ureust or other flora.