Armored Voidskink

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Due to the large number of predators roaming the area, a group of Void Worms began developing a tough exoskeleton on much of their body, which has also allowed them to cut up food using more than just their hands, thus costing less energy to eat, resulting in the Armored Voidskink. They get their name from their reptile-like appearance, which is mainly so that they can easily crawl into tight spaces away from danger, and also how their long, red tail can be detached if caught on/by something. Their long arms are good for crawling along surfaces, along with leaping into space, where they go to move to a different Void Schattolauren. They are very vulnerable in this state, so they try moving as fast as possible to waste as little time in their search for a new place to call home. Other than their armor and detachable tail, they have also developed a sort of jaws from armor plates, which these are structured like shears to allow them to easily chomp down on food and swallow a chunk of it. Due to this, they are mainly herbivorous, feeding on the leaves of Void Schattolauren, though still enjoy the orange globs they produce, and will eat just about any dead organism they find lying around. They are very skittish, and will run if they feel as if they are in danger, though will try throwing predators off if in the open.