Armored Radiostinger

Some Domed Radiostingers began developing a sort of exoskeleton from the lead within their body, as well as becoming more active again, eventually resulting in the Armored Radiostinger. They have shrunk and drift closer to the sea bed due to their shell, and prefer to not venture more than 150 meters deep due to their newly developed eyespots that can only detect light and dark. Their carapace contain lead sulfide, which prevents it from eroding in water, and uses the salt in the water to form it into the crystallized shell it is. Their eyes are used to detect mostly predators due to their simplicity, though is also used to help find sunlight/moonlight, as they are derived from photoreceptors. They usually swim like their ancestor, though when threatened, they may quickly swim away in a manner more similar to an anomalocaris than jellyfish. Their tentacles contain many nerves, which can be used to sense food on them, sometimes even using them to sense the ground for the movement of easy prey on or under the sediments. Their nematocysts are no longer triggered by contact, instead being activated by manually, usually to attack prey and/or predators. They also instantly go off if the tentacle they are attached to is detached from the rest of their body, meaning if anything snatches one out of the blue, or just in general, it will be met with a painful, possibly deadly surprise. they also form a sort of toxin from lead to be used in combination with spite in their nematocysysts.