Armored Radiocoon

With the success of the Radiocoon, they were prone to speciation due to them being one of the few organisms to feed on radiation in space, as evident by the Stomatoid Radiocoon, though that was more prone to predation than its ancestor, so a different group decided to go in a different direction, where they were heavily armored. Armored Radiocoons, as their name suggests, have the majority of their main body coated in tightly fitted, stony armor that protects much of their body from harm, though has a few open spots between for releasing spores. Interestingly, they have managed to spread to the Piss Planet belts thanks to Migratory Pissbacks, and thus vary in size depending on where they live and grow, juveniles having adapted to feeding on far more things than just the orange globs of Void Schattolaurens, even predating other creatures at times. Especially large adults are usually found in the Piss Planet Belt, where they are bombarded with more radiation more quickly than further away from their star. The bright coloration of their shell is believed to help it blend in with Piss Flora, though this may not be 100% true since only some of their range has mass numbers of them. Their most bizarre feature is how their 'foot' can disconnect from surfaces and be used like fins to move to a new spot to lay.