Armgut Grabeneresca

Mutations led to some Grabeneresca developing a sort of mouth in their main body, and the degrading of the arm, which caused them to switch up hunting tactics, resulting in the Armgut Grabeneresca. They have an extendable mouth they can quickly extend and retract to suck in prey, which is usually stored in their body to be digested. As prey is digested, oddly enough, it moves into the bait arm, until it is fully digested and gets released from its vestigial hand. They swim around using a ring of flagellum surrounding their arm, which helps them track down prey detected via vibrations. Their arm cannot move very much on its own, instead moving around as it moves, like a large hair. Their digestive enzymes don't just break down food, but they also have chemicals in them that cause caught prey to cease function, but not die, entering a sort of comatose state as it is digested.