Once a Dark Cold Doom accidentally went into the Central Notasbad Ice Sheet, causing the ice to crack and break up, causing them, along with a population of Blobmoss, to fall under the ice. The Dark Cold Doom sank and starved to death due to not knowing how to swim, while the Blobmoss quickly adapted, eventually resulting in the Aquablob, and were also influenced by some Sneaky Dooms that came with them. They have adopted a spherical shape, with the majority of their body being phosynthetic to increase surface area. Their eye has split in three, and now their non-photosynthetic area acts as a sclera to focus light into their eyes. They have various tendrils sticking out of their body to both aid in swimming, and gather more light. They tend to swarm the bottom of ice sheets, facing downwards, to avoid predators ambushing them from below, and collect as much sunlight as possible, and if they see a potential threat, they will quickly take on a more worm-like form and swim away.