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Some populations of Canarwrong would eventually ditch the “tree morph” entirely since they were susceptible to Transbruh infections and thus only exist as the “crawling morph”. Existing as only the “crawling morph”, these populations of Canarwrong would further deviate from other populations by becoming more mobile and regaining a trait not seen through the whole species since the Piss plant itself: the ability to eat things. To better eat things, this already divergent population would develop even more adaptations to hunt prey and became an entirely new taxon known as the Abominary. Abominaries retain most of the ancestral features for the Canarwrongs “crawling form”, being a multicellular organism with an internal skeleton for support and a well developed eye to navigate and track down prey. The three dorsal wing branches still help them with collecting light for photosynthesis, but now they get more of their energy from consuming small prey. To process them, the beak petals have turned into mobile mandible-like structures that act like jaws. Meanwhile, the Abominary has evolved a proper digestive tract to break down meat and absorb the nutrients, any remaining waste will then be vomited up in a pellet.

The ancestral root system still helps the Abominary with respiration, but now has a stronger skeletal system within it for support so it now is held off the ground. The individual roots, meanwhile, have become laced with lead so they can act like sharp spines so attackers can’t just grab their tail. Their 9 legs derived from the wing branches are much longer so they can move more quickly and make sharper turns to chase down prey. Since many organisms on their menu have radiation organs and are often capable of making a laser beam that could burn them, the Abominaries act as ambush predators. They will lie in wait until food approaches before rushing out and attacking them from behind, using their four jaws to aim for the spine or throat to kill prey quickly. This strategy also allows the Abominary to tackle prey at around a similar size to it such as the Unchisaru or small Nostalgithyons but they still only attack them on rare occasions since they’re not exactly adapted for close quarters combat if their initial ambush does not work. Being derived from the “crawling morphs” of the Canarwrong means this species possesses both male and female organs, with two individuals mating by “kissing” and exchanging genes. After mating, the Abominary will actually go for a period of time without eating as the tissues of its throat becomes a sac that contains the developing spores. During this timeframe, the Abominary will become less active and rely more on photosynthesis for energy until they vomit up the sac and abandon it. When they do this, the spores have already germinated and become small youngsters, which will then eat their way out of the membrane and start lives of their own.

Since the Abominaries are both male and female at the same time, they are immune to the Transbruh's ability to change an organisms sex with the species still actively producing antibodies in their system to attack any Transbruhs that enter their system to prevent internal bleeding.

A front view of the Abominary, showing off their four jaws and mouth.