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Welcome to 2speccers2tools wiki![edit]


2speccers2tools (2s2t) is a parody speculative evolution project created by Cube67 and inspired by projects like Sagan 4 and OurFoodChain. It started as an affectionate parody of these other such projects, and as a project to explore ideas for organisms that would be rejected from those more serious works. Over time, its ecosystem has developed into an interesting yet implausible world of its own. From cardboard box microbes to giant radiation-spewing monsters, this project is home to some of the most ridiculous species in fiction, as well as some more grounded ones.

If you want to start at the very beginning, then you should go to the species who started it all.

If you want to check out how the project itself has evolved over the years, go to the Timeline page.

If you want to see where each organism lives (and snapshots of where they used to), go to the Ecosystems page.

The 2s2t project has no affiliation with the Minecraft server that inspired its name. The name is simply a homage to the infamously anarchic nature of said server, which fit the chaotic theme that 2s2t was originally created with in mind.